king Road Test Review

king Road Test Review

It took six years for Suzuki to get its B-King into the showrooms. Given just how outrageous and radically different its ‘Bat-bike’ styling is, you’ve really got to applaud the Japanese firm for taking the brave gamble and going the whole way to get it to customers.

Unfortunately, the positive approval the concept version of the bike got at shows world-wide back in 2001 hasn’t translated to good sales, well not in the UK at least. Taking the same sort of style risk back in the eighties with its very distinctively-shaped Katana sportsbikes may have paid off for Suzuki, but this time round we Brits seem to be too conservative with our tastes.

That’s a shame for me personally, as I absolutely love the B-King. It’s one of my favourite bikes and one I always really enjoy riding, regardless of the sort of route I’ve taken. Apart from the unique and highly controversial style which I myself totally approve of, I’m really impressed by the breathtaking yet predictable performance it has. Better still is that its power is very safe and easy to access. And though I accept the design of the Suzuki is very Marmite-like; you either love or hate it, riding it deserves nothing other than maximum praise – though I admit I wouldn’t be surprised to hear anyone, bar those who’ve actually ridden a B-King, to find my admiration for it very hard to believe. I know I was very sceptical myself before I got the chance to ride one for the first time simply because it seemed far too ungainly and challenging to manage.

I’d accept in theory at least, the B-King has no right to perform anywhere near as well as it actually does. Of course the massive power coming so easily from its 1340cc in-line four engine – the same one fitted in the Hayabusa and producing a claimed 180bhp – could make it sound really intimidating for many. Combined with its hefty dry weight of 235kilos, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Suzuki is bound to be a scary handful, destined to land you in much trouble. But just like one of Paul Daniels’ magic tricks, any of those thoughts just vanish once you get the bulky-looking bike underway.

I must confess straightaway as it’d been a while since I last sampled one, so I did wonder if there was a chance of me reviewing my opinion. Just as I remembered though, the B-King is a great bike. The motor is highly impressive with floods of power and torque everywhere in the rev range. But even more remarkable than the amount of sheer pulling power it has, is the refined way it’s delivered. Not many engines making as much power as this one are as incredibly civilised. Believe it or not, the Suzuki is an absolute doddle, not to mention a total pleasure to ride – at any speed you choose. Superbly smooth and well-mannered, the big in-line four delivers its potency in a lazy and highly manageable way. The gearbox is typically light and sweet, but with all the broadly spread torque the B-King has, gear-changing is rarely needed. More often than not, I didn’t bother revving the tall-geared motor much more than 4-5000rpm. And with top gear good enough to drag the bike solidly from as little as 20mph all the way up to its estimated 170mph top speed, that’s the gear you can rely on for most riding if you wish.

So don’t worry at all about the power being intimidating in any way. The beautifully linear fashion it’s produced in guarantees confidence at all times. And should you want a bit less, then selecting the B power setting via a button mounted on the top of the tank, reduces output by 30%. This device adds to the versatility of the bike and will be especially useful if the going gets wet and slippery – even though the engine power is produced in such a friendly fashion I never selected it other than to give it a test. The smooth and progressive nature of the engine’s power gains make its huge performance very easy and relaxing to access and it’s just a matter of dialing in as much speed as you fancy. It’s fast, but never ferocious.

Anyone trying the Suzuki for the first time will quickly appreciate the engine’s usability, though the size and weight of the bike do take a little more time to feel comfortable with. But patience is the key here, and within just a few miles you start to feel a lot more positive about getting along with the B-King. In fact the handling is extremely light, agile and very well-balanced for a bike of its size and weight. The steering is sweet and neutral, and even the brakes are surprisingly effective. They often have a lot of speed and weight to cope with, but possess enough power and feel for you to rely on them with complete confidence. At times their stopping distances give you the impression the Suzuki must weigh 30-40kilos less than it does. Stability is sometimes a problem with powerful naked bikes, but the secure poise of the B-King is never in doubt, with the softly sprung, but well-damped suspension giving a great balance of control and support over rougher surfaces. Feel and feedback through its fat-section Dunlop tyres is remarkably good, and the ride quality commendably smooth.

Speaking of comfort, though the wind makes sustained high speed life a bit strenuous for your neck and arms, the relaxed upright riding position and plush seat do provide a very easy-going ride at a more sensible pace. That’s something I’ve discovered after many trips I’ve made on the B-King, including a previous 200-mile ride home from North Wales to my house in Gloucestershire. When I arrived there the only thing that hurt was my mouth; from grinning too much! And all of the numerous trips I made on it during this test resulted in the same physically complementary reaction.

On one particular ride I ended up getting slightly lost on the way home. But though I had a map in my backpack to help me find my way, I never bothered stopping to consult it. The mystery of it all took me down widely differing sorts of routes from single track lanes to big sweeping A roads, but as the B-King coped well with all of them just about perfectly the only thing that disappointed me was getting back on the right track and being home earlier than expected.

There may be faster and sharper tools in the box than the B-King, but few can match its combination of attitude, speed, manageability, entertainment and unique style. It’s a highly fulfilling bike to ride, whatever the pace you decide to ride it at and is a much better all-rounder than you’d expect. It’s a very hard bike to knock really. I’d only complain that the mirrors might be a bit bigger, and the massive silencer shrouds a bit smaller. None of these moans can ever prevent me falling for the B-King though. It’s one hell of an impressive bike, and a motorcycle I really wish more people would try out.

Keep Your Age At Bay By Ridding Yourself of Stress

Keep Your Age At Bay By Ridding Yourself of Stress

president before he takes office and when he leaves.

Organs such as the heart, liver, and kidney are critical components of the human body. And similar to the critical components of man made products like automobiles, buildings, and so on – wear and tear on them has a cumulative effect. When we’re stressed out, our heart rate increases, our blood pressure goes up, and our adrenal glands flood our bloodstream with hormones. If this series of events happens occasionally, no real harm is done to the body. But if the stress is never ending, real damage begins to happen to the components inside of our bodies.

Think of the starter switch of a car. Every starter switch in a car has a more or less pre-determined life span range. On a normal day of driving our car we start it by triggering the starter switch three to six times a day. When we go to work, when we come home, and maybe during a few errands that we run throughout the day. This is normal use and our starter switch will last for years under normal use. Now imagine how long that switch would last if you were to turn your car on, but instead of releasing the ignition switch when your car starts, you continue to turn your starter switch. You’ll be lucky if the starter switch lasts a day.

Well, habitual stress in our bodies has a related effect. Biologists have theorized that, similar to that starter switch, each cell in the human body has a programmed and pre-determined life span. And when that life span has expired, the cell chromosomes will no longer work and the cell will die. When the body is under prolonged stress. it is persistently activating the “fight-or-flight” responses in the body. Said differently, the starter switch has been turned on and left on. The theory is that it is this constant stress that ages the body. But how? The answer is the telomere.

A telomere is a scientific term specifying a region of repetitive DNA at the end of chromosomes. It protects the end of the chromosome from destruction. The telomere is also involved in the replication of cells. Each time a cell divides, the telomere is shortened. Eventually the length of the telomere becomes so short that it can no longer divide. At this point the cell dies. Recent studies have shown that chronic stress tends to accelerate the shortening and shriveling of the telomere, directly causing the body to age faster. The greater the level of chronic stress, the faster the body’s cells die and the faster the body gets wrinkles, weakened muscles, frailer bones, poorer eyesight, and other typical signs of aging.

Scientist can now actually measure a cell’s age by looking at its chromosomes. This means that they can measure, at a cellular level, the damage that stress is having on the cell’s chromosomes. Though more studies are needed to confirm this, one theory is that it is the high levels of stress hormones in the body, particularly cortisol, that is doing damage to the telomeres.

For a long time there has been an association between chronic stress and increased risk of major chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Jimdo Spotlight

Jimdo Spotlight

The reactions were very similar to most folks that see BikeWrappers for the first time. They start with a look of curiosity and intrigue.

This usually leads to the question, “What exactly are BikeWrappers?”, which is a very normal reaction since there is nothing else out there like it and is a brand new cycling product on the

market. As soon as I give my quick little pitch, there is a moment when it clicks for them and they say, “Ah, that is a great idea.”(or hopefully something to that effect). Once they now know

what the product actually is and because it is such a visual product, I make sure to show the product on a bike(thanks for the models, BTW) and it makes even more sense for them as they see how

it is actually used. Lastly, it is usually a video of the product in use really makes it click. It is tough to visually show reflective properties in a lit environment so any video of them being

used usually gets the reaction, “Wow, those are really bright”. The folks at the party were very receptive to the BikeWrappers and since it was a very diverse crowd there, have several

BikeWrappers that went back home to their respective countries in Europe. So thanks to the Jimdo party-goers!

I have been running BikeWrappers on Jimdo for a little less than a year. I actually started with a Flash based website builder, which I quickly left for a variety of reasons. After doing a lot

more research and several very good referrals for Jimdo, I started up Jimdo and have been happy ever since. I am by no means very technically proficient person. I have somehow come to be the

go-to computer guy for my folks whenever they have a computer problem, but that is pretty much the extent of it. So knowing this, Jimdo is extremely easy to use, customize, manage, and had all

the features on my checklist of things I needed for the site. Not only that, but their customer service has been great and was nice to meet Powen in person after all of his help. As far as the

evolution of BikeWrappers and Jimdo, one of the biggest and best features that I use is the inventory management feature. I initially started off just selling online and then grew into selling

into retail shops(and expanded the product line and variety) so have really relied on this feature to run the business.

You can say that again, SF definitely has a great bike culture. Well, first off I would say to be a very defensive cyclist. Assume that most cars and people don’t actually see you and bike

accordingly. Next, I would of course recommend that cyclists make

sure they are seen. What kind of business owner would I be if I didn’t give a shameless little plug for

the product here. Also, when it is rainy or wet, slow the biking down a notch. It takes longer to brake, roads are slicker, motorists don’t have as good of visibility, AND watch out for those

MUNI tracks.

Yep, DogWrappers are the second product line that I have come out with. They are reflective leashes and collars for the

pooch and the inspiration behind DogWrappers is pretty simple. I am a dog lover and have had one or two consistently for a good portion of my life. After launching BikeWrappers, I had heard

that there are an estimated 1 million dogs hit by cars every year in the US and that is pretty much all it took. I wanted to make a product that would help make our four-legged friends safer and

It’s The Only Place You Have To Live

It’s The Only Place You Have To Live

Many people go through life not taking any responsibility for their own health. They drift along until something goes wrong then it is off to the doctor to get it fixed. It seems that people take better care of their car than their body and get it serviced regularly so it doesn’t break down.

You should think of your doctor as really just the breakdown service when the wheels fall off. What you do on a day to day basis is your ‘self care’ or maintenance and each of us is responsible for our own. Without this maintenance real health can never be achieved and real health is a great deal more than just ‘not being sick’ or an absence of disease.

Real health is about peak performance physically, mentally and emotionally. You have a high level of strength and energy, emotional balance, a lean slim body, and a sharp and nimble mind. Your strong healthy body has the ability to fight off disease and illness that stalks and pounces on so many people cutting their lives short after years (even decades) of pain, disability and ill health.

Diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes are labeled ‘lifestyle’ diseases, caused by the way you live your life. Caused by what you do and don’t do each and every day in the way of proper nutrition and proper exercise. These diseases are preventable and rob families of their loved ones well before their time.

It is important that our life span is also matched by our health span. Our health is important and we tend to take it for granted until we find ourselves out of health. The knowledge about what it takes to remain healthy and well is vastly increasing every year, which has enabled people to live longer, and to treat more illnesses.

Yet we are producing children today that are now unhealthier and may even die before their parents. It is a sad fact that children being born today are predicted to have a 20-30 year shortened lifespan.

Deficiencies create situations in which millions of people world wide function well below their potential. These deficiencies are lack of proper nutrition and proper exercise. It can mean your blood doesn’t pump efficiently, your digestion doesn’t break down food properly, your weight keeps increasing, you have constant aches and pains, don’t feel well, aren’t sleeping properly, are depressed and the list goes on.

Yet your health cannot be left for your doctor to take care of. Your doctor does not look after your health; your doctor only looks after your illnesses. If your doctor says you are well and healthy it means that things have not got so bad that there are enough actual symptoms for a disease diagnosis.

But this can also mean a person it still far from being ‘well’ and they usually do not feel well either. In fact they are often called the ‘walking wounded’ as they are not sick enough to be bedridden (yet) but not well to function properly either.

It has been estimated 80 percent of diseases are caused by the lifestyle choices we make every day. Many people have good intentions and mean to get started on a proper exercise program and eat better but the trouble is it is much easier to put off doing things until tomorrow, and for many tomorrow never comes.

So what are you doing, now, today? Are you working on keeping your muscles and bones strong with strength training exercise a couple of times each week? If not give yourself a good talking to and get yourself started so your body doesn’t let you down somewhere down the track.

Keeping your Dirt Biking Safe with Dirt Bike Accessories

Keeping your Dirt Biking Safe with Dirt Bike Accessories

Man is known to be quite a thrill-seeker. We all want to have a spice of adventure and thrills in our lives. We love the feeling of exhilaration when faced with something that is dangerous. Well, this is not difficult to understand and it is a good thing that there is such a thing as dirt biking.

One rough and tough sports is dirt biking. If you are into dirt bike riding then you would know how fun things can get. There are those who feel exhilarated with every ride to the point that more stunts and risks are taken. This is not so difficult to understand as we love the thrills life has to offer. If you love dirt biking then you should know that it is fine to take risks but if it already means risking your life (or your precious money), then you would have to slow down a bit and ensure various safety measures. This can be done, of course, by getting yourself some dirt bike accessories. And when we say dirt bike accessories, we simply do not mean add ons to your motorbike but also accessories that can assure your safety and comfort better while riding your tough bike.

Now, the first thing that you should protect is not your bike. Sure, you have spent lots of money for the tough beauty but the first thing you should ensure in terms of safety is yourself. That is why after you have purchased your first dirt bike, you should then be ready to buy dirt bikes accessories in the form of dirt bike gear. As for dirt bike gear, the first thing you would need is dirt bike helmet (DOT approved, of course). Other than your dirt bike helmet, you would also need some motocross boots and also some long clothes.

You would also need to invest in a body armor so that your whole body can be protected from injuries as much as possible. You can buy whole body armors and also some knee braces. A body armor can give you chest protection, elbow guards, shoulder pads and even back plate protection. Never think that the thing is too heavy or too bulky for you to wear. If you are thinking twice about the expenses that you would most likely incur, then you have to understand that dirt biking without the necessary motorcross accessories can be very dangerous. You can easily regret not wearing these items; that is, if you are lucky enough to survive an unprotected ride accident. Other dirt bike accessories you should invest in include gloves, neck braces, boots and goggles.

Now that you have all the necessary dirt bike accessories for yourself, you can now shop for the dirt bikes accessories that aim t protect your precious bike. You should have a pipe guard to protect your motorbike pipe in case of a crash. You can also buy hand guards as these can protect your hands from getting hurt when you hit branches, rocks or anything hard while driving. Of course, you should also be ready with radiator guards so that you can protect your bike radiator. The replacement of these parts can be expensive.

is it better to do a full marathon or a olympic

is it better to do a full marathon or a olympic

Do the olympic distance race. Most athletes will require very significant recovery from a marathon (read 3 weeks) which will effect your other training and reduce mileage and gains on the bike. Two months out is certainly enough time to recover, but the larger potential risk is injury and over-use which would be much more common from a marathon.

It would be preferable to get more of the 20+mi long runs and build gradually for the full IM. On the other hand, I think it is definitely preferable to have a marathon under your belt before you do an full ironman to know what you are dealing with (although it certainly way different after 112mi on the bike). If you wanted to do a marathon pre-ironman, you should design your training plan that way from the beginning with a slow ramp up to the marathon with plenty of time before the IM (2 months min, but most people would suggest much more, particularly if it your first marathon, depending on your experience and level of training).

One of the biggest keys to successful Ironman training is conservative consistency. Staying healthy as you ramp training to high volumes is critical. I also agree if you haven done many triathlons the transition practice would be helpful.

There are lots of good reasons to do the Olympic – improve speed work, race specific training, brick workout, transition skills, open water starts etc as well as generally being more focused on the race that you are going to do.

A marathon is not like an ironman marathon. An ironman marathon is something that you look forward to as a relief from the pain of the bike. that usually ends shortly before or after you get off the bike and the enormity of the challenge sinks in.

You are starting doing a marathon when you have already done the equivalent of 2 already. So doing a real marathon pre race isn going to help you much unless you pre-fatigue yourself before hand – and really why would you want to do that as you approach your peak training period.

And yet there is an attractiveness to the idea. It your first ironman and you never done a marathon. Doing one now will give you lots of psychological comfort in the approach to the race. Or you think it will.

I done a marathon a couple of years before my first IM and whilst it wasn a huge success (ITB issues) I did it. However as far as I can remember the experience was of very little psychological use on race day.

Running a marathon when fresh is fun, certainly for the first 30k or so. An ironman marathon is not fun at any point (the finish chute is euphoria and an endorphin/adrenalin high) so you don take that many lessons away.

The final point is that frankly if you are training for an ironman you should be able to knock the marathon off without a great deal of stress – if you can you got a big problem with your training plan.

So the key message is – trust the way that you have be training – don worry about the day itself as the pain of putting one foot in front of the other will take care of itself :)

Many folks tend to over do it and emphasize the distance rather than working on quality and strength. Good training programs are not one dimensional, of course, but its difficult to summarize all dimensions that make up a good training program. The best programs have endurance, strength, and mental preparation components to them.

For the reasons stated above, I say do the Olympic Distance race. You get good race experience that incorporates transitions to both calm the nerves (mental prep) and train the body (strength, endurance.) Good luck with your race!

Scooter Safety Inspection Checklist

Inspect your scooter daily before every ride. Routine daily maintenance can often make the difference between injury, receiving a ticket, having your scooter stolen or spending precious time on the side of the road fixing something that might have been fixed at home where the tools are.

Check all lights on the scooter including your tail light, front and rear blinkers and high and low beams on the head lamp. Take a close look at your tires. Search visually and gently by touch for sharp objects inside the tire that might cause a flat. Inflate the tires as soon as possible if air pressure is low. Check to make sure that peg locks on the wheel and handlebar locks are operational. Check the fuel level or, if using an electric scooter, the charge level. Sit on the bike and adjust the mirrors. Give your horn a toot. Start the engine, begin driving slowly and test first the rear and then front brakes. When ready to go, drive the first mile or so slower than normal and listen for any problems.

Change the engine oil every six months or 1000 miles. Change your oil filter if the scooter has one as well. Next, slowly inspect your tires for wear and tear. Cracking along the sidewalls indicates it’s time for new tires. Bald tires, tires that are lacking tread in any area, are dangerous, especially during rain and tight cornering, and should be changed immediately. Physically inspect your spokes and make certain they are tight. Lube throttle and break cables. Last, check all fasteners to ensure that nothing is loose or about to fall off, such as your wheels.

Examine internal parts of the scooter every year or 3000 miles. Start by replacing the transmission oil, installing a new spark plug and cleaning your air filter. Visually inspect throttle and break cables for fraying of wires and replace as necessary. The drive belts and chains should be adjusted annually as well. Finally, this is the time to inspect brake linings, the material mounted in the brakes that presses against the either the brake drum or disc, creating the friction necessary to stop the scooter. Couple these steps with those in the six month checkup to keep your scooter in the best shape possible.

Maintenance Checklist for a Mobility Scooter

Maintenance Checklist for a Mobility Scooter. Electric mobility scooter maintenance is typically simple. Sealed lead acid batteries power electric motors, which in.

A Mechanic Safety Inspection Checklist for Motorcycles

A Mechanic Safety Inspection Checklist for Motorcycles. If you ride a motorcycle in the United States and live in a state that.

Scooter Safety for Kids

Scooters provide hours of excitement for kids. Unfortunately, scooter injuries happen when children and parents least expect. Protect your child when riding.

How to Check the Compression on a Scooter

Checking the compression on your scooter may be necessary if it is running poorly. Knowing the status of the compression in the. Some states, such as Virginia, require motorcycles to pass a safety inspection in order to be registered. Regardless.

How to Maintain Scooters

For decades, scooters have provided affordable and reliable transportation in virtually every corner of the globe. Scooters have a knack for placing.

How to Replace Mobility Scooter Parts

A mobility scooter can be a lifesaver to a person who has trouble walking or is physically unable to do so. Once.

How to Repair a Mobile Medical Scooter

Several things can affect the performance of a mobile medical scooter, including the care and condition of the unit, as well as.

Dirt Bike Safety Tips

Dirt bike riding is an exciting pastime, but it can also be dangerous for inexperienced riders. People jump on their dirt bikes.

How to Tighten the Tiller on a Mobility Scooter

The tiller is the steering column located on the front of a scooter. An owner may use control instruments, such as thumb.


Missouri .

Electrical Safety Laws

Electrical Safety Laws. An electrical current that is able to flow through a human body can cause considerable damage and even death.

Rusty Nuts Auto Metal Recycling in Deerfield

PRLog (Press Release) Mar. 22, 2012 Rusty Nuts Auto and Metal Recycling in Deerfield, OH provides used auto, truck, motorcycle and ATV parts. Rusty Nuts is a dba of B Recycling, Inc. of Ravenna, Ohio and is located at 2180 State Route 14 in Deerfield, OH 44411.

Rusty Nuts is a full service auto recycler offering new and reconditioned parts for all vehicles, including trucks, cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and more. Also sold are new and used tires and used batteries. Rusty Nuts will purchase used vehicles, regardless of condition. Contact for pricing. Salvage and rebuildable wrecked cars are sold as well. Rusty Nuts serves customers from Deerfield, Atwater, Edinburg, Kent, Rootstown, Ravenna, and the surrounding Ohio community.

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motorcycle long travel sand rail plans

Badland Buggy Off Road Vehicles Download Buggy Plans and Sand.7 matches found: Mini Rail Plans Sand Rail Dune Buggy Gokart Atv 1 SEATE. . 4 Seater Long Travel Sand Buggy/Rail Plans . TRAILER PLANS Sand Rail ATV Toy Flatbed.

Find sand rail plans from a vast selection of Manuals Literature. Shop. Long Travel Sand Buggy Plans, Sand Rail Plans, Dune

Motorcycles; Powersports, Boats More; MY VEHICLES; TIRE CENTER; LIGHT CENTER.

Then you want our ST2 Long Travel. Same chassis design as. Fits any sled or motorcycle engine Rack Pinion Steering. Easy to Read Plans Dimensions in Inches Millimetersrolling chassis for motorcycle or snowmobile engines are available. Building mini sand rails from plans. Get your kart plans here. Mini buggy shocks and long travel.

Short Sand Car “Long travel”. See our work and Larry Short in the new issue of Sand Sports Magazine. The issue highlights motorcycle powered Sand rails from three.

Dirt and Sand Racing customized two seat Sand Rail fabrication. Racing has been custom fabric ating VW dune buggies and motorcycle powered mini long travel rails.

Looking for plans Mini Long travel Sand rail? Yahoo! Answers

Long Travel Sand Buggy Plans, Sand Rail Plans, Dune eBay

Sinister Sand Sports is a Manufacturing and Product Development Company. For questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us at 918 521 3736.

Mini Sandrail Off Road Go Kart Parts and Go Kart Plans

Im looking for blueprints/plans for a Mini long travel sand rail. I find all kinds of mini rail plans (most are. Motorcycles; Other Cars Transportation; Rail.

About D Racing : Sand Rails : ATVs : Dune Buggy

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Accessorise Your Scooter with Top Quality Scooter Wheels for Less

Is your scooter starting to look old and exhausted? Do you want to impress your friends with a high speed ride? While good scooters do not come cheap nowadays, buying a brand new scooter is not always the answer to these particular issues. Therefore, why don’t you simply look for different scooter parts and accessories available on the market today?

These days, there are practically lots of specialist scooter websites that offer a vast range of scooter wheels, decks, bars, grips and forks. These parts and accessories are the key ingredients to make your scooters robust, easy to use and fun to ride. So this summer, why don’t you treat yourself and look for some of the best wheels for your scooter?

Eagle scooter wheels are certainly the perfect solution whenever you want to pimp your ride and improve your performance. This brand comes in a wide variety of sizes and colours to match your personal style and specific requirements of your scooter. These wheels have been tried and tested by some of the aggressive riders in the world.

In fact, two of the most talented scooter riders in the United Kingdom, namely Benj Friant and Fernando Young, even signed the Eagle Sport’s hollow tech wheels. This technology are designed to be light weight for ease of use, but also have greater strength to let the riders have an excellent ride in all locations. Other wheels available under this brand feature decal printed graphs, laser etched and anodised designs.

The Eagle Sport metal core wheels are also an excellent choice for all types of riders, whether a beginner, recreational rider or extreme rider. It is because of its colour variations, high strength and durability features. Compared to other scooter wheels, this design can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are also made with a large amount of polyurethane for faster and smoother ride, as well as for eliminating problems regarding shattered hubs, making them a great value for money.

The Proto Gripper scooter wheels are just like Eagle Sport wheels when it comes to variations of colours, high strength and durability. They are also signed by some of the top riders in the scooter world today. In addition to wheels, this brand has a vast range of other supplies such as SCS compression kits, which feature a brass knuckle quadruple compression cap and bolt, one shim and clamp.

Other Scooter Parts and Accessories

Indeed, there are a lot of choices available for all your scooter needs and requirements. In fact if you search via the Internet today, you can find plenty of specialist scooter websites that offer such products of different top quality brands including Addict, Blunt, District, Proto, Eagle Sport, Rigg, Pro tec, Phoenix, Crisp, Echo, Apex and Razor.

There are also websites that offer brake fitting service, which is ideal for those who are looking for professional help in setting up their scooters. All you have to do is to choose the particular type of deck or brake you want to use and they will gladly set it up for you. With the help of professional brake fitting tools, you are guaranteed to have a high quality finish and brand new looking ride at a far less cost.

Rigg My Roll offers a vast range of top quality brands of scooter parts and accessories such as Proto Scooters and Eagle Scooters. Read more for selections of scooter wheels, decks, brakes, grips, forks and bars.